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Pricing by the cut:

Gloucestershire old spots

    We raise heritage pig breeds using primarily the Gloucestershire old spot as the foundation of our genetics. The old spot is a superb pig that produces a well marbled carcass, with pearly white fat. The old spot is one of the best pig breeds used for charcuterie. 

    The Old spot is listed as threatened on the livestock conservancy, the reason the old spot are rare is because the genetics are very scarce and only 4 bloodlines reside in the United States. Andrew has worked hard to obtain all the bloodlines by trading with other dedicated breeders across the US. Without enough genetics it makes it hard to improve the breed. It takes him 10-12 months to raise a pure old spot, by his methods, of hand feeding rather than the use of automated feeders. He hand feeds them their minimum grain requirements and supplement the rest of their needs with fodder. The fodder is a mixture of barley, sunflower seeds, and field peas that we hydroponically grow. The process from seed to feed takes 8 days. His feeding program is labor intensive but we know the fodder is another contributing factor to the increased marbling of the meat, which makes the extra work well worth it. Also, the pigs have access to pasture where the heritage breed excel, because they are excellent foragers.  Foraging, also, helps generate a floral taste in the meat. These methods allow him to raise a pasture pig that is extremely healthy and a taste that is out of this world.

    In the past year he started crossing the old spot with other heritage breeds like the large black, tamworth, hereford, and red waddle. Crossing the pig allows him to create distinct qualities in the meat. For example, crossing the old spot, a breed known for its lard and marbling, with the tamworth, a  leaner breed, produces pork with an excellent balance.  The meat quality of the tamworth combines with the moist rich qualities of the old spot. 

Seed to Feed

H​e​ritage farm​

We currently sell our pork by the Whole or Half and by the cut:


Whole/Half Hog Pricing is $4.60/lb hanging weight*  (includes basic cuts and paper wrapped)
*Please note that the hanging weight is not the final weight after cutting. You can expect to receive about 82% of the hanging weight.
Additional fees for processing are as follows:
*Ham and Bacon Smoked—$0.85/pound
*Ham sliced in 1# packages—$1.25/pound
*Sausage links—$1.25/pound

Pork Chops$ 8.50/lb


Spare Ribs$ 7.75/lb
Sausage (links)$ 7.00/lb
Sliced Ham$ 9.00/lb
Shoulder Roast$ 8.50/lb
Whole Ham (smoked) $7.50/lb
Hocks (smoked)  $7.50/lb
Fresh Pork Belly  $8.50/lb
Bulk Sausage  $6.75/lb
Ground Pork  $6.50/lb
Rendered Lard$5/pint